Josephine Peak, Strawberry Peak, Mt. Lawlor

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Josephine Peak, Strawberry Peak, & Mt Lawlor at EveryTrail

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Headed up at 9 am with only (only?) 6 people, but of course a good group.

We started up the Colby Canyon trail up to Josephine Saddle, and made it up in good time. We headed west first by trail then fireroad up to Josephine Peak. I have to say this fireroad is a bit boring, would have liked for it to be a bit shorter, but steeper. I didn’t see a clear use trail along the easterly ridge toward Josephine, but I would like to check that out a bit more next time.

Headed back toward Josephine saddle, then gained the ridge toward Strawberry Peak.

Someone was looking for some food!

On the climb up Strawberry, met up with Traci and Ray who decided to hike up from Redbox.

Looking north toward Mt. Pacifico and others.

Pine, Dawson, & Baldy to the east:

After getting up Strawberry, we descending the east side to the Strawberry/Lawlor saddle, then took the ridge and bumps up to Lawlor.

Much cooler rock colors around Lawlor:

We then decided to take the south ridge straight down toward Redbox. This was like mini Iron Mt. Didn’t turn out to be a good idea. I personally could go down pretty quickly, but there was a lot of scree and yucca to navigate and some people were not so lucky!

But our luck turned around, as we hitched a ride from Ray back to Colby Canyon TH. This cut off 4 miles and gave us ~ 10 mile hike with 4000 ft elevation gain. Not bad.

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