Murietta Falls via Ohlone Wilderness

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I was up in the Bay area for the holidays and wanted to get a good hike in. Now I haven’t done tons of exploring up there (up ~ every 6 wks), but it’s certainly hard to find hikes with good elevation gain. Most hikes have < 2000 ft gain, even with lots of miles.

I did some googling and came up with a few options. One was Mt Diablo, which can be made into a pretty good hike, but I wanted to take more time to plan it out than I had. The other was this hike to Murietta Falls in Del Valle Regional Park and Ohlene Wilderness by Livermore, CA. The stats on this baby seemed good, ~ 12 miles and 3500 – 4500 ft gain. Wow, in the Bay area?!

Murietta Falls via Ohlone Wilderness at EveryTrail
</p> <p>If you are ever up around the bay and want to check it out, here are some links:</p> <p><a href=”” mce_href=””>TR #1</a></p> <p><a href=”” mce_href=””>TR #2</a></p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>What you will note in those pics is water flowing, but I did not expect this to be the case in our journey. It had rained recently, but I read that to actually have the falls part of Murietta working, you would want to check it out right after a rain, preferably in the spring. I was just happy with getting a nice hike.</p> <p>Apparently some turkeys made an escape from two days prior and headed inland:</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>Our trail takes us into the Ohlene Wilderness after about 1 mile. The first 3 miles is on a fire road, but it is certainly remote, and certainly steeper then other fire roads I have been on.</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /><br /> <img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>The lady was sore from previous workouts, and not happy with the steepness on this day! But I enjoyed it. <P> <img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>Nice countryside. I like the area. All those bumps, makes you just wanna hike up and down all of them.</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /> <P> <img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>Some sort of gigantic nut?</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>After hitting the first bump, we headed down about 500 ft, and then back up to the 2nd bump. More steep fire road, but nice area</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>There are plenty of signs to keep you on the right path: <P> <img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>Mt. Diablo in the background: <P> <img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>Funky trees:</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /><br /> <img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>We descended back down several hundred feet to the small canyon where Murietta Falls would exist. On this day, there was no water :( </p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>After lunch, we head back up and down the bumps back the way we came.</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p> <p>Filtering matters, but I would estimate ~ 4200 ft elevation gain in 12 miles. A pretty tough hike, one of, if not the toughest in the Bay area.</p> <p><img src=”” mce_src=”” /></p>

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