Desert Hike – Rabbit & Villager Peaks

Hike Description

This hike will take us into the Anza-Borrego wilderness area and the Santa Rosa mountain range. As John Robinson says, “It is one of the testpieces for the serious Southern Calilfornia day hikers. This extremely strenuous hike features a remarkable variety of cactus and yucca.” Apparently there will be lots of desert flora to see.

I’ll keep the description brief, and leave you to read the links provided to read more about what this hike entails. We’ll be doing this as a dayhike although we may car-camp the night before.

This hike will begin just off the Borrego Salton Seaway and head north. We will first ascend Villager Peak, which by itself is 6 miles one way with 5,000 ft elevation gain.

After bagging Villager, we will traverse the ridge between it and Rabbit Peak. This ridge will only be 4 miles in length but has several bumps that will give an additional 1800 ft elevation gain. On the way back, there will be another 1200 or so feet of elevation gain.

The terrain will be rocky, and there will be portions of bouldering and possible scrambling, so you should be comfortable with this as well.

For people who are interested but aren’t sure about doing the whole extreme hike, I would like for a secondary group to form who would only ascend Villager Peak. Hiker Tim, who has done this hike before, has stated that much of the nice views were seen just from the ascent to Villager, so I think it is worthwhile alone. That part of the hike alone would be about 12-14 miles and 5000 ft gain, no slouch. But I’ll need someone to volunter to ‘lead’ this group who will be prepared with knowledge of the path.

For either group, the plan would be to start early. For the primary route, I’m thinking we are going to start at like 5 am, so car camping the night before might be ideal, although not mandatory. Whatever way you choose to arrive at 5 am is fine, but keep in mind this is a pretty long drive from Los Angeles, about 3 hrs. Ideally we will be able to complete the hike around sunset, though we may go a bit past. Headlamps will be necessary.


John Robinson write-up

Sierra Club Description


Jerry Schad

A good description

Tim’s Photos

Photo Gallery #2

Hike Details

Primary Option:

Distance: ~ 21 miles rt

Elevation Gain: ~ 8000 ft

Gain / Mile: 800 ft / mile

Estimated Time: ~ 14 hrs

Terrain: Cross country, ridge, rock bouldering

Difficulty: 11/10

Secondary Option:

Distance: ~ 13 miles rt

Elevation Gain: ~ 5000 ft

Gain / Mile: 1000 ft / mile

Estimated Time: ~ 9 hrs

Terrain: Cross country, ridge, rock bouldering

Difficulty: 9/10

Difficulty MUST READ

For those in great condition. Should be exercising regularly.

You must have hiked with me before – you then know the difficulty that I’m describing. If you haven’t, you’d better message me.

via SummitPost

Getting There
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State on the Meetup site where you are coming from to contact people to carpool with.

For all trips, wear boots or sturdy shoes, and bring lunch, lots of drinks, warm clothing (depending on altitude)

Trips are canceled in the event of rain (unless trip leader states differently). So assume it is canceled if it’s raining the morning of.

The trip “leader” is a volunteer and not a real leader (i.e. not liable for the group). Think of it as hiking with a group of friends.

Joining LA Hiking hikes is entirely voluntary and participants assume the full risks associated with the activities. It is each hiker’s responsibility to ensure that s/he is in sufficient fitness and health to participate in a strenuous hike, with the appropriate water, food, clothing, first aid, and navigation equipment for the conditions. The LA Hiking Group and the individual organizers make no warranties about the safety or supervision of these activities.

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