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My shoesSo, everyone I hike with has their own preference when it comes to shoes. But for me, nothing defines my choice of shoes more than what kind of hike I’ll be going on. On my hikes I normally carry between 10-20 pounds, so the load isn’t too much of a strain on my feet and ankles. So as a preference, I go with trail runners on my hikes. I like them for their weight, flexibility, and overall ruggedness. The current pair I have is the Pearl iZumi SyncroSeek 2.

These shoes have taken me up to Iron Mountain, Baldy, the climb up Strawberry Peak, and even in the snow. However, these aren’t meant for the snow or for rain, so if you go out in those conditions, count on getting wet feet. Frankly though, I love these shoes.

As a trail running shoe, it has everything that you would expect: toe box, foot plate, and reflectors. The only concern that I had when I started wearing these was how the laces were connected with the shoe. I thought these would have been the week link, but after 10 months of weekly use, they’re still holding strong. But I’m considering getting another pair, but may hold off and get some real boots for some upcoming trips.

Some of the stitching has come loose The right shoe, inner cuff is worn The outter stitching is starting to go

So as you can see from the above pics and below, the outer stitching was the first to go. This outer black band doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the shoe. The soles and shoe are still well connected.

The stitching of the left inner shoe is the worse Left shoe inner cuff is well worn down

As mentioned above, the lacing system is a bit different. The eyelets are replaced with external loops.

Lacing system Upper laces The lacing system

The soles are what you would expect as well.

The entire soleThe frontSome separation at the rear heel

As for overall wear, some of the mesh has started to get frayed on the outer portions of the beginning of the vamp. The laces themselves show no sign of age. I think I’ll have to keep those when I toss these shoes.

Lastly, I tried on 6 different pairs of trail runners before getting these. This pair fit well right out of the box. Normal break in time was about 4 day long hikes. But even then it was a little stiff. These shoes also accommodate my wide feet as well, so that’s another plus. For my next pair of trail runners, I’m looking into New Balance. But should those not fit, I may just go back to these.

Right shoe sideRight shoe frontRight shoe inner
Right shoe rear

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