Rubio Canyon Exploring

I agreeSo I had started this trip with the intention of taking the Great Incline route all the way up to Echo and then Castle Canyon to Inspiration Point. But since I was going solo, I didn’t really feel like doing this trail again. So against better judgment, I went and did some exploring. My goal was to explore the east side of Rubio Canyon and take the old trail and see if I could possibly find a route to Inspiration Point.

Check out the map below. I’ve put in pictures along the general path that I took.

Getting to the 2nd photo was easy. The brush is slightly overgrown here, but the trail is easy to follow and it’s not too bad. The brush gets slightly worst between the 2nd and 3rd picture. But again, it’s a lot of tall grass and nothing too bad. The trail here also becomes narrower and loose. So watch your footing.

The fun begins around the 3rd photo. Here the trail goes in different directions. My choice was to follow what looked footsteps up. This led pretty much into thick brush and taking off my pack to crawl through was required. I found a “trail” or what resembled a trail snaking around the bush, but that only led me as far as the 5th picture.

Stopping here was probably a good idea. I could make out a faint trail, but it just led into really thick brush which I was not going to do alone. So I turned around and briefly lost my way in all the brush.

All-in-all, this trail was easy in terms of elevation gained. One way up to that point was about a mile with only a 700′ gain. The only real problem was the thick brush which really scratched and cut my legs up. It’s nothing compared to Rattlesnake Peak, but at times, it sure felt like it.

Notes for next time:
> Bring long pants
> Go in a group
> Go on a cloudy or cold day. This trail is pretty much exposed.

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