Hiking: Then and Now

Every once in a while it’s refreshing to regain perspective on how active people were with hiking back in the day. Here’s one entry.

I got quite a strong sense of perspective when reading through old Sierra Club trip reports for Iron Mountain #1. Specifically I fell upon this trip report.

57! 57? FIFTY-SEVEN people summited?! When we did the hike this past fall, we had 14 people make it up and I thought that was a huge success.

I know people have more hiking group options these days, but it’s unlikely to get 57 people to a hike in Griffith Park let alone the hardest hike in the San Gabriel mountains! It’s hard to fathom that many people wanting such a strenuous hike…have the times changed that much?

How much is due to hiking being more popular back then versus people just being more active?

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