Into the Brush – Ascending Monrovia Peak

Final Stats:

Gain: 5400 ft
Distance: 15.5 miles
Uphill: 892 ft/mile
Downhill: 582 ft/mile
Moving Time: 5.5 hrs

This hike is billed as steep and brushy, and it did not disappoint. We’ve tried this hike once before without knowing how much brush there was. I generally wear shorts so I paid dearly that time, but for this trip I made sure everyone learned from my mistake, and so I don’t think the brush annoyed us as much.

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Monrovia, Rankin, & Clamshell Peaks at EveryTrail

10 people showed up for this trek (where were thou, Taco?) + 1 dog, Ajala. Not sure what Ajala thought of the brush, but most likely not positive thoughts.

This hike starts innocently enough by taking the Lower Clamshell Truck fire road for about a mile, and then taking a sharp right and gaining a ridge heading northeast. Previous reports (including mine) note that a man used to live in a blue tarp here, but we did not see the blue tarp this time.

Anyways, this ridge sort of peters out and intersects the Bill Cull trail after 1/2 mile. At this point there are a few small branches of the main ridge heading north; you should take the east one. I attempted to ascend the western portion which was ridiculously steep (the same one I used last time). As others found the other ridge to be easier, Ofir and I decided to be stubborn and try to ascend ours.

Well a little additional energy was lost, but no worries from here on. Now we just had to keep going up over the steep, varied, and brushy terrain.
The next mile ascends 1400 ft, and from the fireroad up to Clamshell Peak the path ascends 2800 ft in 2.5 miles.

After Clamshell, we descended to a fireroad (Upper Clamshell) and followed it for about a 1 1/2 miles. Then we veered off to the right to begin the steep asscent to Rankin Peak. This was longer than I remembered last time! 600 ft in 1/2 mile. Then we went over a bump and then reached Monrovia Peak.

From there we dropped down north to meet up with the fireroad, which we took back down. We veered off to take the Deer Park trail near the bottom for some variety.

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