Monrovia, Rankin, & Clamshell Peaks

Expected Stats:

Gain: 5300 ft
Distance: 12 miles
Steepness: 883 ft/mile
Terrain: Some fire road, mostly steep ridge, and leg-high brush
Estimated time: 6-7 hrs
Difficulty: 9/10

Trail Descriptions:

Route #2

One guy’s trip report

We attempted this hike one previous time, but did not make it all the way to Monrovia Peak (200 ft elevation away). This is a hard hike. We will take up a steep ridge that never seems to end, and we’ll have to deal with more brush than on Rattlesnake Peak. However, the brush is generally only leg high so as long as you wear some protective pants you will be fine.

This is a tough hike so you must absolutely be in great shape to do it at the pace we’ll keep. Message me to be taken from waiting list to ‘yes’.


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For all trips, wear boots or sturdy shoes, and bring lunch, lots of drinks, warm clothing (depending on altitude)

Trips are canceled in the event of rain (unless trip leader states differently). So assume it is canceled if it’s raining the morning of.

The trip “leader” is a volunteer and not a real leader (i.e. not liable for the group). Think of it as hiking with a group of friends.

Joining LA Hiking hikes is entirely voluntary and participants assume the full risks associated with the activities. It is each hiker’s responsibility to ensure that s/he is in sufficient fitness and health to participate in a strenuous hike, with the appropriate water, food, clothing, first aid, and navigation equipment for the conditions. The LA Hiking Group and the individual organizers make no warranties about the safety or supervision of these activities.

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