Movies Filmed in the ANF

In the tunnel, Soledad Canyon RoadSo, being the nerd that I am, I was researching movies that were filmed in the Angeles National Forest (ANF). I came across the IMDb search which includes “Titles with locations including Angeles National Forest, California, USA.” Here’s the list. This wouldn’t be considered nerdy except for the fact that the movies that stood out to me are numbers 41 & 42. Yep, Star Trek movies. Also, another movie worth mentioning is 17. Duel. That was an amazing movie.

Now my interest is peaking and my research into where exactly where the filming locations for these movies are located has been turned on…

First Contact setStar Trek: First Contact – Charlton Flats area was used for filming.
Star Trek: Insurrection – San Gabriel Damn.
Duel- Most of the filming took place on the 14 just north of the ANF. Although, Soledad Canyon Road which borders the ANF was used.

Researching this, I found other places that were interesting (Hollywood Escapes):

Short Circuit – The first turnout up the ANF.
Switzer Falls – “Located on this site many years ago was a rustic resort called “Switzer-land” (get it?) that, according to historian John Robinson, hosted celebrities such as Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Shirley Temple, and Mary Pickford.”
Gun Crazy; Now, Voyager; Shattered; Delirious – Mt. Wilson Road. This is the road that starts at Red Box and takes you up to the towers of Mt. Wilson.
K-PAX, Armageddon, Deep Impact – Mt. Wilson Observatory.
North by Northwest, The Young Lions, Paulie, The Animal – Charlton Flat.
The Vanishing – Newcomb’s Ranch Inn Cafe. The one with Keifer Sutherland. This movie had me scared.
Dante’s Peak – Buckhorn Campground.

I also wanted to throw Vasquez Rocks in this posts just because it has been in so many tv and movie adventures. Just check out the fight scene below. Gorn moves at such a slow pace that it’s just as good as a picture.

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Harry Medved

Harry Medved February 16th, 2009 at 6:21 pm

cool blog post, guys – please give me your mailing address and i’ll send you a copy of my book – don’t forget the tunnel that appeared in STAR GATE – and check out Lindsay Lohan’s GEORGIA RULES – you’ll laugh when she talks about the mountains of Idaho – but it’s clearly Big Tujunga Canyon with a bad matte shot – best,

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