Prep for Rabbit Peak

This will be my first big hike and I’ve been thinking about the prep work for the actual hike in my head nonstop. I’ve been calculating pace, time and water requirements, etc. This is what I’ve come up with:


I figure for the first 6 miles up to Villager, it should take a good 4.5 hours including breaks and pictures. That gives me a pace of about 1.5 mph to cover the 5000′ gain.

Heading up to Rabbit Peak should be a little quicker. The downhills should help somewhat. I’m guessing that my pace on the uphills would be 1.5 mph and ~2.5 on the downhills. Breaking up the mileage and gain (1800′ total) in half with 2 miles up and 2 down, that gives me 1.33 hours up and .8 of an hour down. Once again, adding in breaks and camera time, about another 45 minutes. Time is ~3 hours.

Total time to Villager is 4.5 hours. Rabbit is 3 hours. So 7.5 hours total to Rabbit.

Heading back should be somewhat easier. The hard part is going to be the knobs along the way back to Villager. Again, breaking up the mileage gives 2 miles with each mile having ~600′ gain. Ascent pace is 1.5 mph which again gives a time of 1.33 hours. Descent at ~2.5 mph will give the same time of .8 of an hour on the downhill. Factor in some extra time for fatigue, I would add in another 45 minutes. Time to Villager is ~3 hours.

The descent down from Villager is a good 5000′ descent in 6 miles again. The downhill will be a little tougher because of the steepness. So I’m guessing an average pace of 2 mph. Add in 30 minutes for breaks gives a good 3.5 hours back to the car.

This is how it works out:

Estimated Pace and Time
Leg Pace (mph) Distance (miles) Time
Cars > Villager 1.5 6 4.5
Villager > Rabbit 1.5 up; 2.5 down 4 3
Split - 10 7.5
Rabbit > Villager 1.5 up; 2.5 down 4 3
Villager > Cars 2 6 3.5
Split - 10 6.5
Total Avg. 1.91 20 14

Our plan is to start at 5:30am. That means I’ll be back to the cars by 7:30pm. Just in time for dinner!

Hydration Requirements

I’ve been thinking about this most. Using past experience as a guide, on a cool day hike with a 5000′ gain, fluid consumption is about 3 liters. Using that as sort of a baseline, I came to these conclusions:

Estimated and Total Fluid Consumption
Car > Villager
Villager > Rabbit
Rabbit > Villager
Villager > Car
What I’m Carrying

8 liters is a whole lot of fluid. A liter of water weighs in at 2.11 lbs. The same should go the same for Gatorade since their bottles come in at 946mL. So I’m just going with 2.11 lbs. per liter of fluids. The weight I can expect in my pack equals 16.88 lbs! Damn, that’s going to be heavy.

But I also plan on water drops after Villager. Perhaps dropping a liter or two at the first knob.


Now comes the good stuff. Good but weighty. I’ve been thinking of what to pack for lunch and snacks. For lunch, this is what I was thinking…

Lots of basil pesto fusilli pasta with sun dried tomatoes. That’s for the summit of Villager. I was thinking something lighter for Rabbit. Perhaps a small sandwich and left overs of my fusilli. Oh and a couple of Capri Suns.

In regards to snacks or “along the trail” food, I’m going to stick with my tried and true Clif bars. This should help give me a small boost hopefully.

Miscellaneous Equipment

These are some extras that I intend to bring along:

> Headlamp + extra batteries: starting early morning and returning early evening will result in some dark walking. I don’t plan on walking into some cactus or other thorny bushes.
> First aid kit: should I happen across a thorny bush, then I should be prepared to patch myself up.
> Knife: why not?
> Camera.
> Zip ties: handy little things.
> Hiking pole: this should help on the downhills.
> Socks: relevant information is 1 minute in.

I also intend on keeping a log to track this. Hopefully I keep up with it and don’t get distracted by my hate of nature while on the trail.

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