My Trusty Hiking Camera

15" exposure at Red Box looking eastThere’s only one thing that I make sure I take with me on a hike, and that’s my camera. For me, without my camera, the hike would just be long distance walking. So what do I shoot with? I use the sturdy and trustworthy Canon PowerShot SD400.

Sure it’s about 4 years old, got a small 2″ screen, and only squeezes in 5 mega pixels. But age doesn’t matter, small screen means less likely to crack, and mega pixels are overrated anyways.

What I love about the camera is its compactness which kind of makes it light. It’s got a metallic body for strength, and a cool little wrist strap for the just in case moments. Also, the controls are on the right side which makes one handed shots a breeze. This is especially useful when I’m balancing on a rock or doing some scrambling.

A cool feature that I just found out about a month ago was the 1 – 15 second exposure. I’ve had it for almost 4 years and just barely figured that out. Simply amazing.

Like most other cameras, mine takes video too. Something that I’ve only started recently doing. I would also like to take this moment to show the differences in quality between Vimeo and Youtube. I have no idea what Youtube did, but they butchered the video pretty badly.

My Camera from john quan on Vimeo.

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