Snow Hiking up to Mt. Wilson

This hike started off as any other. We would begin at Chantry Flats and take the Santa Anita Ridge up to Manzanita Ridge and then finally follow the Toll Road up. The recent storm had dumped large amounts of snow at around the 4000′ level. That meant that halfway along the ridge we would be encountering patches of snow on the southern faces and heavier concentrations on the northern faces. The snow only made the ridge all the more funner for me.

The ridge we takeLooking south on the ridgeAlmost to the bench

Once at “Graduation Hill,” we ran into Sunny at the base of it about to ascend. We had a brief exchange of pleasantries, and then continued on up it.

"Graduation Hill"

Up “Graduation Hill” from john quan on Vimeo.

After Graduation Hill, all of the serious gain is over. Just a few little bumps stand in the way. So back up to the bench was no problem. But once we finally got there, we ran into a group of Korean hikers who were cooking up some Ramen. Oh that looked and smelled especially good on this cold day.

Some warm RamenMMmmmFun times

At this point, half of the group split up. The others went down Winter Creek trail and back to Chantry Flats. The rest of us pushed on towards Mt. Wilson. We took the trail since the ridge portion after the bench looked a little slippery. The trail wasn’t as bad as we thought. There weren’t too many hikers so the snow didn’t thin out too much to get the trail muddy.

The Toll Road itself must have been covered in a good foot of snow. But the path up was already beaten by previous hikers. It was already well worn and compacted which made the journey a little easier. We didn’t take the path up to the Mt. Wilson parking lot though. We just followed the road all the way up to the locked gate and had lunch there.

After about 30 minutes, we set back off down the road. We took Winter Creek for a 1/4 mile until we got the Santa Anita Ridge junction. We decided to take the ridge back down since the Winter Creek trail runs about 5-6 miles back to Chantry Flats as compared to the ~3 miles along the ridge.

Here’s a video of us walking back along the Mt. Wilson Toll Rd.

The View from john quan on Vimeo.

You can see more photos at my Picasa album.

Meetup reviews here.

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