Upcoming Event: Vetter to Chilao

This is going to be total exploration hike. The only part I’ve done is from Vetter to Alder Creek.

Brief Description:
Elevation gain is near 5000′.
Distance: A hair under 17 miles.

Here’s the upcoming route:

Link with distance indicators: http://www.mapmyhike.com/hike/united-states/ca/-anf/794634244728

Long description:

We’ll be parking at the Vetter Parking lot and then hike our way up to the Lookout Station. From there we’ll take the ridge down until we get to Alder Creek.

After this point, we’ll be taking the south ridge up to Roundtop. We can have lunch here and hang out a bit. After this, we’ll head back down halfway the south ridge before cutting east.

This will take us across Alder Creek and we’ll take a ridge up to the Mt. Hillyer Fireroad. This is some more off trail up a ridge until we get to Hillyer. Once at Hillyer, there’s a trail that takes us to Chilao.

That’s about it.

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