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Trail runnerI have yet to decide if I want to start training for some serious trail runs. Top of the list to do is the Mt. Wilson Trail run. It’s so close by that it’s almost hard not to just sign up and give it a try. The only thing holding me back is the training that’s required. If I kept a slow and steady pace, I should be able to do it. It’s been two months since I’ve last had a good jog. Next Tuesday should be a good reminder of how tough this really is.

But here is a list of runs coming up this season. I guess it’s something to look forward to…

Mt. Wilson Trail Race – 5/23
Mt. Baldy run to the top – 9/1: Zé along with some other from our group did this last year. Check out the pics and some reviews here. And he met Dan of Dan’s Hiking Pages fame too!

XTERRA Socal Series
> Black Mountain – 3/22
> Malibu Creek – 5/9
> Point Mugu – 9/29
> Topanga Turkey Trot – 11/26
> Crystal Cove – 12/13

I’m not even going to get into the 50k’s. That’s a whole other breed. And chances are, if you can do a 50k, you already know where to find the information for it.

We’ll see about the Mt. Wilson race though. I’ve got 3 months to train for it should I decide to give it a go. But would most likely have to know by early next month just so that I can start training for it. Bleh, training.

Oh yea, check out Gary Valle’s Photography on the Run site. I got some good hikes and hike ideas from him.

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