VOTD: The Ultimate Endurance Test

This is the ultimate mud run. Looks like a lot of fun though. All that’s missing is the machine gun fire to help motivate the contestants along.

I’ve got to find one like this in the area. The USMC mud run always fills up fast.

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Competitors from 25 countries took part in the Tough Guy challenge at Perton, south Staffordshire, with many choosing to wear fancy dress or little clothing at all. One contestant took part in the challenge wearing a Borat-style “Mankini”.

Those courageous enough to enter had to brave the bitterly cold conditions sweeping Britain to take part in an Army-style assault course, and are advised beforehand to undertake “cold water training” to guard against the threat of hypothermia.

The challengers began the race, now in its 23rd year, with a cross-country run and are then challenged by 21 different obstacles including tunnels and swaps to complete the course.

Thousands of competitors walked on hot coals, swam through underwater tunnels and braved electric fences across the 150-acre site.

On the event’s website it says: “The event is uniquely fear ridden and you need to be fit in both body and spirit to survive the ordeal.

“You will not be alone, thousands will be by your side. There you will find the true spirit of Tough Guy.”

Competitors must sign a “Death Warrant disclaimer” before taking part.

The event claims to be the safest most dangerous taste of mental physical pain and endurance on earth.

From the Telegraph.co.uk, ‘Tough Guys’ take part in ultimate endurance test

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