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Too tiredI’ve currently taken on a lot of projects that are just eating my time and energy. So that means site updates will be more infrequent from me. Just wanted to let you know in case you should wonder what’s with all the lack of updates.

But in any case, I’ll still be writing weekly trip reports from my hikes. I’ve got some good ones planned out including Iron Mountain set for this weekend. I should actually utilize the “Upcoming Event” category more.

Just to let you in on some things I’ve been wanting to do or have been working on:

> Updating the “Find a Hike” page – I want to totally do a redesign of that page. When I have time, I’ll actually sit down and start coding things up.
> “Layman’s Guide to Hiking Series” – Yes, lunch is supposed to be on the table, and I’m setting a deadline for myself to getting around to writing it. My deadline would be the 23rd if not sooner.
> Trying to plan the “Geek Hike” – This would just be a meet & greet of all the local bloggers. If you should be reading this and it sounds interesting, then send me an email to

Come this April, I actually want to get back into photography so I’ll be diverting time away from this site to my photography site. Although, not too much attention.

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