The Layman’s Guide to Hiking Series: Point/Counterpoint

I would like to be WoodyStarting Monday, Zé and I are going to start writing about nutrition, mechanics (maybe), exercise, and other topics regarding hiking. The format is simple: I’m going to write about my experiences of trying to become a better hiker using the science of exercise and nutrition. Then Zé would come in and refute anything that is false, misleading, or would otherwise lead to ones demise.

The goal of this is to not only show how much I still have to learn, but to also hopefully shed light on the topic of proper nutrition and training in order to go farther, faster, longer. Hopefully you find these back and forth rantings not only entertaining, but educational as well.

Coming Monday, Layman’s Guide to Hiking Series – Part I: Breakfast

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Robb March 7th, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Looking forward to the series!

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