Cole Point, Mt Emma, & Old Mt Emma

Final Stats:

Gain: 6000 ft
Distance: 12 miles

Well, that was steep!

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Cole Point, Mt Emma, & Old Mt Emma at EveryTrail

We met up and headed up to the northern San Gabriels, on the Angeles Forest highway a bit south of Palmdale. Here lies a few lesser known peaks, but as we learned, the hike itself was certainly no slouch. I had read the gpsmountaineering trip report detailing a one-way hike of Cole Point, Mt Emma, and Old Mt Emma with a car shuttle, and I thought that sounded good – as an out and back hike.

From the start, it was steep. The climb up to Cole Point ascended 1400 ft in 1.15 miles (23% grade). From there, we headed along a few bumps then descended northernly, bordering a shooting range. The sound of rifle shots did not really bring the tranquil feeling one may have when hiking in the wilderness, but we weren’t too alarmed as long as the bullets were aimed at their proper targets.

We descended steeply down intersecting an old fireroad, and from there we proceeded to go up and down over a series of very steep bumps of Mt Emma Ridge. These were very steep, 25-35% grade slopes, with varying gains. We finally hit Mt Emma, which has had a fire at some point since the trees on the western slope were burnt.

From there, we followed a few more bumps over to Old Mt Emma, and ate here. At this point we’d done about 6 miles and 3500 ft gain, and now we would have to turn around and do those damn bumps again! In the end, we did 6000 ft gain in 12 miles. But in some odd way, it was a pain being steep but it didn’t feel too bad.

So looks like an out and back on Mt Emma Ridge will give you one of the more challenging hikes in the San Gabriels. The views were nice and different; however it was partly cloudy above and also over the desert, or else I’d imagine even better views could have been seen.

Videos (the first one recorded some gun shot sounds, but hard to hear)

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2 Responses to “Cole Point, Mt Emma, & Old Mt Emma”


daniel April 28th, 2009 at 9:30 am

hi, i have a quick question. i’ve been looking at all these different hike sites for info on hiking up to mt. wilson from the sam merrill trail off lake ave in altadena, but i couldn’t find any.

i know at the echo mountain, there’s a trailhead that goes up to mt. wilson. i was just wondering if you have done that, and if you have, could you give me some info on that? thank you


April 30th, 2009 at 3:37 pm

that would be a long hike, on some boring paved road. once you get to Mt Lowe, you’d have to walk to Eaton Saddle. from there, you would have to walk on paved road to Mt wilson. A better option is to take the Old Mt Wilson trail in Sierra Madre, off of Mira Monte ave.

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