Cole x 2, Emma x 2, Old Emma

Old Emma is protectedThe “x 2″ is simply because it was a double hike. Oh was it ever the double hike.

The trail starts about 2′ from the cars. Just start walking up, and you’re well on your way. It’s not until you’ve gained about 200′ that you come across a trail. Then after that, it’s all use trail until you get to the top and start the first descent. After this it’s firebreak or old ATV dirt bike tracks. If you’ve read Ze’s report, then you can see the hell that this hike was.

The path up to Cole Pt. wasn’t too bad. It was your normal run of the mill hike. It’s after this that things start to get a little more exciting. The descent take you by the downrange portion of the shooting range. Which I must say I was rather impressed by. It looks like a 400-500 yard rifle range. On top of that they have skeet and a dedicated pistol range.

Heading up to Cole Pt.Leaving cole, heading towards the rangeSigning the Cole Pt. register

Once past the range though, we continued along the ridge until we got to Mt. Emma. The uphills were pretty bad. But not as bad as the downhills. These were steep and loose but altogether not too bad.
On the path upFlowers are abloomin'You can see the path back behind Ofir. Yes, we have to go all that way back.

Here are some pics of us up on Mt. Emma. I didn’t take too many shots up on Old Emma because I was hungry and it was getting cold.

A nice topAnd old plaqueLooking towards Palmdale

Things got easier after Mt. Emma. Getting to Old Mt. Emma wasn’t as challenging. The ascents kind of evened out a bit which made the incline more gradual. This allowed me to keep a good steady pace up until the top.

Once up there though, the wind just started blowing and it got cold real fast. But it was a good little peak that overlooked the north side of the Angeles Forest and Palmdale.

The way back was pretty bad. This is where the bulk of the steep inclines were. Up-downs all the way back, with the second to final up being a total badass. This was like “graduation hill” times four. Once up here though, and you’re back at Cole Pt. So it’s an accomplishment of sorts. After this, it’s just one more up and then you’re done with the incline portions. It’s just all downhill back to the cars. So it wasn’t too bad.

A loose climbThe first major uphill on the way backWide angle

All-in-all, this wasn’t a bad hike. I actually enjoyed it. The weather was perfect. Windy, slightly cold, and cloudy. The perfect day for a ridge hike. Would I do this again? Maybe, but it would be on a cold day.

Although, if I were to come out this far again, I would get to Cole Pt. and turn north towards Pacifico and tackle it from the north. There was a firebreak that ran almost up to it.

Ze being angry…

Through the eyes of a mountain lion (kind of).

My full photo album here.

You can read the Meetup reviews here.

Read Ze’s report for technical information and gps track: Cole Point, Mt Emma, & Old Mt Emma

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