Hillyer & Pacifico Loop

Final Stats:

Gain: 5000 ft
Distance: 18 miles

A long one

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Mt Hillyer & Pacifico Mt Loop at EveryTrail

The original intention of this hike was to hike to Hillyer, Pacifico, & Bare mountains in one trip. Originally I wanted to drive to Alder Saddle, but two things kept us from doing it that way; 1) I read info indicating the road was only paved part of the way from the ACH to Alder Saddle, and 2) I called the ANF and they indicated that the road was closed.

So instead, we drove up to Chilao and parked near the beginning of a route up Hillyer. We ascended the expectingly unimpressive Hillyer via the west, then headed north. We ran into the Pacifico Mt / Santa Clara Divide road, which at this point was paved…and we saw a few cars on it. We tried to avoid the road instead going cross country until hitting Alder Saddle, which was paved with another car. So yeah, so much for it not being paved and being closed.

From there, we climbed up Pacifico via its SE ridge. This was nice and steep and, the last 500 ft or so was really nice terrain, lots of big granite rocks and pine trees. I really liked Pacifico.

From here we descended back down to an intersection with the PCT. We started late but still wanted to try to go to Bare Mt, so we followed the PCT for a bit then jumped off and went along a ridgeline that would eventually hit Bare. However, at some point we realized it really wasn’t feasible, so we descended south and hit the PCT at a new spot. Then we followed that which headed east and south. We tried to find a trail we expected to cut across to the Christian campground, but could not find it. We ended up taking another use trail “shortcut”, and we eventually met up with the Silver Mocassin trail, which took us about a 1 mile from our cars.

The whole thing took about 18 miles, a bit too many for that sort of hike. I’d still like to get to Bare Mt., so I’m thinking of some way to combine it with Winston Peak and Winston Ridge. For another day.

Some lizard

Down from cross-country toward PCT

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