Upcoming Hike: Hillyer, Pacifico, Bare Mtn.

Beer me.This should be an interesting one. Going to start off at Chilao and work our way to the three peaks mentioned in the title. There were some routes that Zé and I mapped out. Zé’s route includes more of the fire roads to get from peak to peak with some jaunts along a couple of ridges. My route involves road in the beginning to get to Hillyer, and then after this is all fire break and cross country exploration until the ridge at Bare Mtn.

Here are the routes, Zé’s and mine.

To choose a route, I left it up to the group to vote. I have a feeling Zé’s route is going to win out. It is about 3 miles less and will probably allow us to get back to the carpool spot before sunset. Also, if the group size gets a little bigger, then I’m going to go with Zé’s regardless due to safety and separation possibilities.

Want to join? Check out the Meetup page and be sure to read the whole thing.

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