Ross Mt via Baden-Powell (and Mt Lewis)

Final Stats:

Mt Lewis: 0.8 miles, 500 ft

Baden-Powell & Ross
Gain: 5500 ft
Distance: 14 miles

The painful trek back up…

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Baden-Powell & Ross Mt at EveryTrail

Mt Lewis via Dawson\\\’s Saddle at EveryTrail

With the ACH finally open past Islip Saddle, we decided to make a long drive out to Dawson’s saddle and Vincent Gap. First, we stopped at Dawson’s saddle and made a quick ‘warmup’ hike up to Mt Lewis, about 0.4 mile and 500 ft gain away. After getting back down to the cars, we headed over to Vincent Gap for a little bit of a bigger hike.

We headed up the PCT to Baden-Powell. I have never been on this trail, and it is pretty nice. Obviously well maintained and also quite popular. Met more people on this trail then any other I can remember in a while. The grade is quite reasonable and very consistent, similar to the Stone Canyon trail to Mt Lukens.

After reaching Baden-Powell, we headed down toward Ross Mt. At first, it didn’t seem like the descent was that steep, but the 2nd 1000 ft drop changed our minds. Although somewhat unstable in spots, the use trail provides a relatively easy passage to Ross.

After a false summit, we hit Ross. The peak itself does not offer the best views, but if you continue 1/4 mile south you’ll get commanding views east, south, and west. The east fork of the San Gabriel river is straight ahead of you.

Resting here, I was able to scope out a lot of the area. I brought my binoculars, and was able to locate some reminants of the Stanley-Miller mine. Now I have a good visual idea of its location so that finding it shouldn’t be too much of a pain. Views of Baldy, Iron, Rattlesnake, and the ridge to South Mt Hawkins especially stood out.

While resting two women hikers showed up, who decided to ditch their slow friends to go bag Ross. Then one discussed having done Iron, FRC, C2C, and considering the Iron-Baldy traverse. It got me wondering how many crazy hikes are done that we don’t even hear about.

On the way back, guess what, it was steep! But the 2000 ft climb was broken into two 1000 ft sections with a nice flat area in between, so it’s not too bad. I was pretty tired from exhuasting myself the day before, so I was quite happy to get back to Baden-Powell and rest for a bit. At the top we ran into three PCT hikers. Their previous 4 days mileages were 27, 22, 0.5, and 1… Apprently there was dollar draft night in Wrightwood!

Back down to Vincent’s Gap, and we took the nice long drive on the 2 back to La Canada, stopping at Round Table pizza to end the long day.

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