San Gorgonio Wilderness Blitz

To label a hike as ‘hardcore’ must not be done carelessly, but I’d say it would fit considering the goals of this dayhike.

The plan, simply, is to hike as many of the peaks as possible in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. It’s not actually that crazy, as many others have done it before. The ‘classic’ way requires about 26 miles, 8000 ft gain to hike 9 peaks. I have tentatively fined tuned some paths so that we have the following options.

10 peaks: 22 miles, 8500 ft gain.

13 peaks: 28 miles, 10000 ft gain.

The minimal route will be similar to this trip report. Please read.

Only the very fit will be allowed on, and the permit only holds 12. I don’t expect everyone to do all 13 peaks, but based on the route we will take, those that end up doing a few less will still take the normal route just without a few side trips.

More information to follow.

Map of the tentative route for 10 peaks. The other 3 peaks are on the right side, including San Gorgonio.

Gorgonio 10 Peaks + Plan at EveryTrail