Middle High Country Traverse

Oh that Nellie Hawkins. As John Robinson describes, “A very popular waitress at the rustic “Squirrel Inn” at nearby Crystal Lake (1901-06), she charmed and attracted miners, hunters, campers-just about every mountain man for miles around.”

And now she will lure us into a hike in the middle high country of the San Gabriels. Multiple peaks have been named after her, principally Mt Hawkins, and South Mt. Hawkins. We will do a part loop hike with two down-and-up ridge portions, including the following peaks:

Mt Islip
Middle Hawkins
Sadie Hawkins
South Mt Hawkins
Mt Hawkins
Copter Ridge

Estimated Distance: 13 – 15 miles
Elevation Gain: 4500 – 5000 ft.

UPDATES will be made here

potential route at EveryTrail

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