San Jacinto 7 Peak Grand Tour

In this trek, we will tour all the peaks around San Jacinto Peak, via the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. This includes 7 peaks, highlighted by class 3 climbs of Cornell Peak and Marion Mt, as well as reaching San Jacinto’s summit.

Here are the main details:

Distance: ~12 miles
Elevation Gain: 4500 – 5000 ft

To do this hike, you must read this report and description

Plan on taking a full day for this. We will have to meet there before 8, and take the first tram up at 8 am. The hike will take at least 8 hrs…but I don’t want it to be much more. To keep us on track, some people may have to pass up summiting a few of the last peaks (Marion, for example).

Stats and GPS files:

jacinto route (gpsmountaineering way) at EveryTrail

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