Brand Park x 3

Brand Park a couple times at EveryTrail

Final Stats:

9 miles, 4500 ft gain


I did a morning trip in the Verdugo Mountains starting at Brand Park on the southwest end of the small range. This is a good quick drive from downtown LA, and really packs some punch. There are two trails at the beginning, one starting behind to the left the library (more common) and one starting behind to the right. Both are very steep, averaging 1000 ft/mile which includes some flat sections. The trails meet up about halfway and then continue up a firebreak to the Las Flores fireroad. This is basically a good turnaround point; you can also continue on up to the small peak to the east.

On the way down, it is very steep initially. Keep way to the right where you’ll see a small trail separate from the main wide open space. Additionally,you can make a loop out of it and take the Brand Park fire road down, which is much less steep.

I ended up doing this 3 times, although my gps must have shut off before the 3rd ascent. It’s pretty exposed so not great during warm weather, but works well with the ANF closure!

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2 Responses to “Brand Park x 3”

John Y.

John Y. January 25th, 2010 at 10:24 am

What’s the shade situation? 100% sun exposure the entire time? Is the environment (i.e., shrubbery, scenery, dirt placement) similar to the Lower Sam Merrill?


January 26th, 2010 at 4:14 pm

100% sun exposure. Similar to Sam merril in shrubbery, but steeper and generally wider “trail”. the trail is steeper and the upper portion has more of a flat rocky surface (not as much dirt). I guess the photos (and others) would be the best resource to compare

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