Mt. Wilson Cam at Night

Mt. Wilson looking torwards the fires.Just checking out the cams when I happened upon this shot. I think it’s pretty amazing shot with the stars and fires giving it a sunset kind of lighting to it.

This was taken on 9/5/09 at 9:33pm.

I’m trying to figure out what mountain is burning on the left, and to me it looks like Baden-Powell. But I’m thinking that’s too close to be BP and thinking it’s Waterman with Twin Peaks slowly going up.

Anyone know what peaks those are?

UPDATE (taken 9/6/09 at 2:24am):

The fire is really burning now.

Damn, it’s really engulfed now.

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One Response to “Mt. Wilson Cam at Night”


September 6th, 2009 at 1:29 pm

it’s between Waterman and Twin Peaks. !#$%&^@!!

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