Ko Phi Phi Island

A short hike to a viewpoint on a beautiful island…

Final Stats:

2.5 miles, 600 ft

Ko Phi Phi Viewpoint Hike Everytrail Link & GPS Files

If you ever get the chance, go to Thailand. Or rather, make that chance happen.

And amongst the plethora of great things to experience in this diverse country, there is of course some diverse hiking.

Southern Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and islands. The islands jut out from the ocean like fingers poking up. I mean, they almost look out of place. They don’t bashfully appear from the water, they jump out; vertical walls rising hundreds of feet from nothing.

One such island is Ko Phi Phi (actually two islands), site of the movie “The Ocean” if you’ve ever seen it. The background for the movie is that these people live on the most beautiful, peaceful tropical island. Well we only spent a day here, but uh yeah I would say it was pretty freaking beautiful (So was Railay beach).

The hiking portion was spent hiking up to a few viewpoints on the island. We arrived via boat from Phuket, desembarking along with the rest of the tourists. While Ko Phi Phi was relatively unknown 20 years ago, the development of the Lonely Planet books and the internet (thanks Al) have given a lot of exposure to the place.

To get to the viewpoint path, one must walk through the main market area, generally heading east and north. As you near the end of the market, you’ll see signs pointing you in the right direction.

You’ll want to find this staircase and head up:

You’ll pass up some construction of guesthouses (as of Dec 2009) up the lower end of the stairs but soon after the path will get more ‘natural’.

You’ll run into the first view point a few hundred feet up. Hopefully not too many Swedes around (I mean, they are everywhere in southern Thailand!) Then continue on to the 2nd and 3rd viewpoints for more isolated views.

Most people don’t go to the third viewpoint, but it is highly suggested as less traffic means more butterfiles.

And other wild creatures

More photos

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