Chantry Flats Loop

You know, for it being Winter, it sure felt a lot like Spring. Warm sun, no clouds, mid-70s. The only saving grace would be the cool breeze.

But the route chosen for today was heavily shaded on the way up and slightly shaded towards the top. So the day began at 8:15am at the REI parking lot and from there we carpooled to Chantry. By the time we got there, the parking was extremely full. As we passed through the parking lot, we could see why. Large, and I mean large groups were heading down to Sturtevant Falls. This forced us to have to park past the stop sign where the road narrows due to the slides.

Anyways, here’s the route we took.

1. Start at Chantry and take the Mt. Wilson trail up through Spruce Camp.
2. Lunch at Echo Point with the nice overlook of the burned out areas and the not so burned out areas of Waterman and Twin Peaks.
3. Head back to Chantry via Santa Anita Ridge.

Not sure on the total gains and mileage, but my estimation comes out to 13 miles and about 4000′ gain. The way up was pretty tough, but not as bad as my first time. Guess I’m in better shape.

This was also my first view of the burned out areas. Damn, a lot of forest went up. But I was glad to see Waterman and Twin Peaks. Perhaps a hike there is in order. Maybe when there’s snow…

The way back wasn’t the normal downhill escapade. Santa Anita ridge is filled with a bunch of bumps which accounts for about another 200′ worth of gain. Wouldn’t be too bad, however, it’s just a roller coaster ride of a mix of steep ups and downs. This group I was with also decided it would be fun to run down most of it. I tried, but my joints just weren’t cooperating.

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