Sunset Peak & Potato Mt from Padua Hills

A nice front-range approach with great views.

Final Stats:

17 miles, 5300 ft

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I’ve wanted to hike Sunset Peak, but found the usual 3 mile, 1300 ft trip from Cow Canyon saddle to be lacking in oomph. Anytime I would drive up to Baldy Village, I’d notice a series of trails / fire roads in the area south of Sunset Peak, and finally decided to map a route to the summit from Padua Hills.

This turned out to be pretty easy, but pretty steep in the beginning. Starting near the Padua Hill Theatre, we briefly hiked up a road and gained the SW ridge of Potato Mt.

This ridge was damn steep as we did 1500 ft to Potato Mt in 1.3 miles (including some flat sections). Nice and steep that I hadn’t done in a while. Potato Mt itself is boring, so we didn’t stay long, and headed east on fireroad until gaining another ridge heading west. This ridge took us up 1000 ft in 0.5 miles.

From here, we generally heading north along fireroads, sometimes veering off onto the actual ridgeline (including ascending some “Colver Peak”). This added on quite a bit of mileage, as we ended up getting to Sunset Peak in about 8 miles. View were great, including upfront views of Baldy, Iron, and the SA ridge.

The way back was uneventful but did get to see some nice creatures:

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