Mountaineering Checklist

Here’s the items I bring for a mountaineering outing. Of course, you should always take what you think is necessary. Especially if you’re doing backcountry hikes and risk getting stranded overnight in freezing temperatures.

  1. (Feet) Crampons or Snowshoes: One or the other or both depending on snow conditions and steepness of terrain.
  2. (Feet) Boots.
  3. (Feet) Sock liners: Very important, at least for me anyways. I water proofed the exterior of my boots, so there’s hardly any breathability. Sock liners wick the moisture to the socks.
  4. (Feet) Socks: I got a nice thick pair of synthetic wool. Very comfortable and warm.
  5. (Bottom) Gators.
  6. (Bottom) Under Armor boxer-briefs: Another level of comfortable. Also awesome in the summer.
  7. (Bottom) Leg warmers: I use ones that I use for cycling. I use this as a base layer.
  8. (Bottom) Hiking pants.
  9. (Bottom) Snow pants: I use snowboarding pants. I’m sure there are lighter ones out there, but those are beyond my budget. Also, get ones with vent zips  on the inner thigh and cargo pockets.
  10. (Top) Moisture wicking long sleeve: Base layer.
  11. (Top) Short sleeve wicking shirt: Another layer of warm.
  12. (Top) Fleece long sleeve: My warm layer.
  13. (Top) Down jacket: Used when the weather is expected to get really cold. Otherwise I leave it in the car.
  14. (Top) Outter shell
  15. (Hands) Gloves – waterproof: Mostly for staying warm on the descents.
  16. (Hands) Gloves – fleece: Used during the climb.
  17. (Hands) Ice axe
  18. (Head) Balaclava: Covers the entire face if needed, or can be adjusted to cover the neck only.
  19. (Head) Wool cap: For when it gets colder and more insulation is needed.
  20. (Head) Helmet.
  21. (Head) Headlamp.
  22. (Head) Sunglasses or goggles: I prefer goggles. Especially while climbing. Keeps the wind out.
  23. (Misc) Sunscreen.
  24. (Misc) GPS.
  25. (Misc) Extra batteries: for GPS and headlamp.
  26. (Misc) Camera.
  27. (Misc) Memory card.
  28. (Misc) Extra batteries.
  29. (Misc) GU Gel.
  30. (Misc) Hydration: My requirements are about 1 liter for every 2000′ of gain.
  31. (Misc) Lunch.
  32. (Misc) Hiking poles.

That’s my list I used on the last climb, and it covered everything I needed. Of course it’s missing the essential survival items and the 10 essentials. But those should already be included in your kit. You can read a little about that here.

I’m sure I’m missing something…

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