The gang The purpose of this site is to be a repository for our outdoor adventures and things related to it. It is hoped that this site will have useful information for the novice to the hardcore-extreme hiker. Actually, for some site history, this was intended to be the all encompassing hiking site for Southern California, and who knows, it still may actually be. But due to the sheer size of such a site, the fun quickly turned to work; and so I had decided to go another route with this site.

Our Trip Reports and Trail Information sections are intended to bring the hike that we’ve done to you. To bring you the experience so that one day if you choose, you’ll be on the same trail. Although don’t take what we write to heart. Trail, weather, and a host of other conditions are always make for a constantly changing experience.

The Gear Review section is gear that we use. We don’t have the budget or connections of a periodical, so most of the stuff we review is ours and usually bought on the cheap. One day we’ll review high-priced items, but until that day, it’s going to be our low cost, modded equipment.

That about sums it up for now. Hope you enjoy the site and maybe one day we’ll meet on the trail!

A quick bio on the authors below:

John aka SocalHikes Hiker: As a tragic consequence of this recession, I am currently unemployed. But before the great fall, I was an Associate Product Manager at an internet startup. But as for hiking, it’ll never lay me off. I have been hiking for about a year-and-a-half now, and still greatly enjoy it. I enjoy it so much in fact, that I train for it. After all, there’s only so much you can do on the trail. But there’s no better feeling than busting your butt several thousand feet up just to sit on an uncomfortable rock, all the while enjoying the view and eating a well deserved lunch. That makes all the pain suffered worth it.

I also do webdesign on the side. One of my more recent projects includes redoing the Brighton Dental Health website for which I worked at for a short time.

Zé: Been in LA for 4 years now, for grad school. Who knew there were mountains around LA? The combination of loving hard exercise, enjoying being in the wilderness, and wanting new challenges tends to lead me to find not only tough hikes, but ones a bit on the wild side.